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Do you want to add a Sibling / Message star(s) to your Stork Display?
Do you want to add a Dog Bone or Cat to your Stork Display?
May 334 Storks & More photograph your sign for use on our website, and social media?
I agree to the rental policies (please see policies page).

Once the order form is submitted an email confirmation will be sent followed by an email invoice. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us at 334-849-7265.

Ordering our adorable stork signs for your special occasion is super easy! You have multiple options to share all the important details with us. You can fill out our online form, give us a call, send us a text at 334-849-7265, or drop us an email at  Once payment is completed, we’ll reserve your sign and prepare it for delivery. Just remember, full payment must be received before we can schedule your sign delivery. We’re here to make the process convenient for you!

If a specific delivery date is known, Stork signs can be reserved the week of the delivery, but typically not earlier. 
Orders can be taken when a mother is in labor or after the baby is born. Stork signs are subject to availability.

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